Spring is the time to apply for remote internships

Do you wonder when is the best time to apply for a remote internship, read here to learn tricks of the trade.

College career advisors suggest that the recruitment of college students and recent college graduates for internship positions can begin from anywhere between 6 months to one year BEFORE the intern is expected to start his/her first day on the job! (Simplicity, 2021).


Way back in 2015, about 65% of college students participated in internship programs in some form or fashion. Due to the global chaos resulting from the pandemic of 2019, this figure dropped precipitously.  Even so, of the students that are lucky enough  to secure an internship (or those who plan well in advance of graduation) about 70% of them eventually snag a permanent full-time job from the employer who provided the internship writes Small Biz publication. Additionally, less than 15% of interns who happen to obtain an internship during and shortly after the completion of their college requirements remained unemployed.


These statistics are overwhelming evidence of the value of an internship. But, one needs to be very careful about the industry in which one seeks an internship and the actual job role, responsibilities and job tasks assigned. The experience gained can be worth alot in a tight job market. But, then again, it can be worth very little.  This is particularly true in an economy that is expected to enter into a recession in late 2023 and early 2024.


Econofact Network publication written by students at the University of Rochester and the University of California- Berkeley estimates that college students matriculating at the start of an economic recession are faced with dire employment prospects and usually receive job offers that are relatively lower than their peers who graduated just one or two years before or after the recession.


This poor start persists throughout their career until their salaries begin to normalize about five to ten years into their careers. What does this say about the future? Basically, shrewd college students must be very, very picky about their career choices. The hot and glamorous careers of yesterday and today may not bode well for one's financial future, career longevity or professional success. 


Therefore, it is imperative to diligently analyze the job market, scrutinize supply and demanded skills to position yourself for a better future. This due diligence is of upmost importance when facing the headwinds of a recession early in one's career. 


That said, here are the jobs that are considered recession proof according to US World Report.

  • web developer
  • financial analyst
  • school psychologist
  • database administrator
  • medical records technician
  • information security analyst
  • software developer

In closing, The Remote Internship would suggest to any college student or recent college graduate that they focus on the remote job internships that offer the greatest promise for future career advancement in spite of economic calamity.





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